I think I've been dreaming of living abroad, and especially in the UK, for roughly half my life. And a few years ago, I finally decided that I was actually going there.

So I left my HE library in Paris for another HE library in London. I've been living here since January 2014 and I'm planning to stay!

I'm an information skills trainer and love experimenting with active learning exercises on my computer anxious students to try and help them learn about our electronic resources...

This is the sister-blog of my original French blog "Quand les livres". Have a look at it if you want to test out your French!

I also blog at How To Do a Literature Review, although that blog is more geared towards students and early career researchers. There, I spill out our little librarians' secrets to encourage students and researchers to do better literature searches and literature reviews!

If you'd like to chat, you can find me on twitter:


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