Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hello, World! Hello, Britain!

It took me by surprise on 15 April. I was just coming back from a long awaited, carefully planned and tightly budgeted trip to Japan. During the whole holiday, I daydreamed about what it would be like to live there. And then I just blurted out... "Bah, anyway, I'd rather live in Great-Britain!".

Well, that made me think. I've been wanting to live abroad for a very long time. I mean, it's been on my bucket-list since middle school. But last year, almost exactly one year ago actually, I visited London for the first time. And it distinctly felt like falling in love... I spent all summer riveted to my tv, watching the Olympics (well, I would have anyway, but the London setting felt all the more special). In September, I was lurking on-line typing frantically "French librarians in the UK" on Google. In November, I was back there for a concert and a show. By January, I was budgeting for Japan and wondering if I would be able to save enough to plan another British trip in the summer.

So, I was hooked. But, in my head, I was still stuck on the thought that I had missed my chance during college. Then, I was too busy trying to figure out what I wanted to do to also sort out where I wanted to live. And I'm still trying to make peace with my younger self for not even thinking of applying for an Erasmus. But... Is it really too late? Is going far away on a whim only for young students who got enough of their wits together to get a scholarship and a plane ticket? Well, it took me all that time and that post-Japan realisation to come to that conclusion, but now I'm sure: I refuse to believe that it's too late. So I'm leaving.

Well... At least, that's what I told everyone. I announced it right away to my managers so that I couldn't back off when the realisation of the enormity of what I had just decided finally and inevitably exploded in my brain. And they were nothing but supportive. So I told it too to my friends and family. "I'm leaving. I want to live in Great-Britain." And they were thrilled beyond measure that I had such a daring project. Yes, I'm so very lucky.

But the thing is... In that exulting moment of decision, I didn't know how I would pull that trick. It's great to want to go away, but how do people actually do that? And I still don't know how I'm going to do it. Or if it will ever work. But I'm going to try anyway. With all my hopes and strength and heart. And we'll see what happens.
So, do you want to walk along this terrifying path with me?


  1. Have you applied anywhere yet ? Is it just for the country and the living abroad that you want to leave, or also for the libraries ?

    1. Yes, there are a lot of job announcements so I'm trying to answer at least one a day. Though I haven't been successful yet...
      I also want to get there for the libraries: I won't leave unless I find a job. I want to see and experience how different it is to work there! :)

    2. It seems very, very different! I got an internship in an Idea Store this summer: the first of what I hope to be many experiences abroad.
      Where are you looking? London, because this is where you fell in love, or elsewhere too?
      Do you think that because you're French you might have an advantage? I found this today: maybe it can help you?

    3. London would certainly be a hoot, but I'm open to go anywhere within the UK really.
      I think that not being there and not having already an experience there is a real disadvantage. But I'm working on it... And being French might only help for libraries with a France related collection.
      Yes, to hiringlibrarians. Also:, though both are fairly more about the US market.
      I wish you well on your working abroad endavours!

  2. Bonjour
    projet très encourageant en effet. Pour info, j'ai eu l'occasion d'avoir rencontré 2 fois en stage la responsable de la Médiathèque de l'Alliance française de Londres, Ophélie Ramonatxo, qui était très sympathique. Peut-être pourra-t-elle vous conseiller dans votre projet... Vous trouverez ses coordonnées sur cette page :
    Bonne chance et bon courage

    1. Bonjour,
      Merci beaucoup de votre conseil. Il s'avère que je suis déjà en contact avec cette dame, qui en effet s'est révélée très encourageante.
      Merci encore ! :)

  3. me baladais sur ton "french blog" et là je tombe sur ton billet qui m'indique ton "english blog"...amazing ! I read it all..and let me tell you (even if we'll see each other next week) that it's a great idea ;-) !!!

    J'ai fait ERASMUS 1 semestre, j'ai adoré, puis assistante de français 9 mois encore plus adoré je pouvais repartir bosser à l'étranger même pour un ou deux mois (est-ce possible?) j'irai volontiers !

    Des bisouuuus !

    P.S : si je vois qqch je te passe l'info !